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Sail into History on the Schooner Western Union

The Official Flagship of Key West and the State of Florida

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Preserve my past, ensure my future.


As of this date, I am 74 years old, I continue to this day to do what I love and that is sail. Every day I welcome passengers aboard, some new faces, some old friends, all greatly appreciated. Everyone who sails with me helps pay for my existence and my future. Little did I know in my early years that I would be where I am today. Nobody knew that I would be the last of my kind to be built in Florida, no one could have foreseen the accomplishments I would achieve and the adventures I would have. I have laid thousands of miles of cable that have relayed countless messages, news, birthday and Christmas wishes. I have carried people to freedom, goods to far away ports, helped wayward souls find direction. I am proud to be the flagship of the State of Florida, and I am honored to serve as a museum, keeping the past alive. My upkeep today is more than in my younger days, my slip in the seaport, my sails, timbers and rigging all must be maintained. I am a not for profit organization so for every ticket you purchase you can share in my story, as you preserve my past, and ensure my future.

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